Valuation workshop

18 July 2012

Economic and environmental valuation techniques Workshop, December 4th and 5th 2013

This workshop focussed on methodologies for evaluating the costs and benefits of interventions.

Ensuring that the real value of ecosystem services [1] in the marine environment (including its non-use values) to society is captured in the decision-making process is a clear priority for all partners. Hence, practical examples of CBA and other approaches to valuation as well as a focus on non-market values and the inclusion of social data in the formation of policy was explained in order to benefit marine conservation outcomes.

Clear explanations of the assumptions behind CBA, Extended CBA, Total Economic Value (TEV) and frameworks such as TEEB and other measures which include environmental and social value are a useful tool to show how economics is used in decision making.

In relation to the Three Pillars of Sustainable Development (and the associated Impact Assessments which reflect how they are valued), the training provided NGO staff with approaches and tools to ensure they can engage more fully in economic discussions.

Ultimately, the sea and coastal zone is a common resource that society should benefit from, and this workshop focussed on measuring the extend of that benefit holistically.

"Social Return On Investment" (SROI) is an analytical tool for measuring and accounting for a much broader concept of value. It incorporates social, environmental and economic costs and benefits into decision making, providing a fuller picture of how value is created or destroyed. This is critical when it comes to human wellbeing and preventing environmental degradation.

icon Natural Capital
Adam Dutton (RSPB)
icon MCZ valuation
Adam Dutton (RSPB)
icon Environmental valuation and benefits transfer
Adam Dutton (RSPB)
icon High Speed 2
Chris Williams (NEF)
icon Falmouth Dredging Case
Miles Hoskin (CMER)
icon Jobs Lost at Sea (NEF)
Chris Williams (NEF)
icon Multi Criteria Analysis (MCA)
Chris Williams (NEF)
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Olivier Vardakoulias (nefc)
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Olivier Vardakoulias (nefc)
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Chris Williams (NEF)
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Chris Williams (NEF)


Linking the MSEproject to the current Valuing Nature Network is a clear opportunity going forwards.

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