21 July 2012

The first two workshops held in 2012 dealt with impact assessments (IAs), the first focussed on the MSFD (marine strategy framework directive) and the second focussed on how to evaluate the benefits of MPAs and among other things used the English MCZ impact assessment as a case study. Presentations and summaries can be found on the ‘impact assessments’ tab.

In 2013 we ran a workshop on Theory of Change (which took place in June 2013) and towards the end of 2013 we ran a workshop on economic valuation techniques. All presentations are available from the workshops page. 

In 2014 we ran a one day seminar ''re-aligning nature and progress'' for over seventy NGO staff from around the UK. At the end of 2014 a workshop on fisheries subsidies (the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund) in planned for November. 

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