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15 July 2012

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The Marine Socio-Economics Network (MSEN) will bring together key staff from the MSEP partners twice per year to provide a space for information sharing, coordination, strategic planning and dialogue among NGOs who share common principles and objectives.

The MSEN will foster discussion, experience-sharing and cooperation between NGOs to better combine the social, economic, political and environmental aspects of marine conservation and fisheries policies into their on-going plans and strategies for policy development and advocacy implementation approaches.

Key specialist NGO staff, government economists, consultants and academics will help build a shared understanding of the potential for NGOs to use socio-economic information to influence marine conservation outcomes and contribute to Government Impact Assessments, consultations and more productive dialogue with all stakeholders who use the marine environment.

Current membership includes staff from WWF, MCS, RSPB and The Wildlife Trusts but over time the network will grow to incorporate other NGOs, regulators and sectors over the duration of the project.

The network was formally launched on June 13th 2012.


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