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Fletcher_ES_of_MPAs Fletcher_ES_of_MPAs

Publication on the ecosystem services provided by broad scale habitats in UK MPA network

Defra_2008_monetary_value Defra_2008_monetary_value

Determining monetary values for use and non-use goods and services: Marine Biodiversity – primary valuation, 2008

Socio-economic_data_and_MPAs Socio-economic_data_and_MPAs

Defra (2010) MB0104: Determining how and what to take into account in the
planning of marine protected area networks – socio-economic data

Accounting_for_nature Accounting_for_nature

ONS paper on accoutnign for nature

MPAs_benefits MPAs_benefits

Marine Protected Areas: A review of their use for delivering marine biodiversity benefits, by Sue Gubbay, 2006

POST_Ecosystem_services POST_Ecosystem_services

The natural environment provides people with goods and services that are fundamental to human wellbeing. Damage to the environment is seriously degrading these services and this will have economic implications. This POSTnote outlines what ecosystem services are, and how provisions for maintaining them in the UK could be incorporated into policy frameworks.


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