MSEP Project

14 July 2012

Understanding the social impacts and the process and methodology of economic decision-making is a key need when it comes to NGOs ability to influence key decisions. Key policies and investment drivers, which will have an impact on the marine environment and coastal communities, have an economic assessment at their heart .
This can relate the returns on investment, job creation or management of public goods such as fish stocks. Using socio-economic arguments (including; social, economic, cultural, political, legal & behavioural information) will strengthen the case for better management and conservation of the marine environment.

The Marine Socio-Economics Project (MSEP) aims to strengthen the capacity of the marine NGOs to use socio-economic arguments, tools, skills, information and systems in their approaches to influence change regarding marine conservation and fisheries policy.

The project has its origin in research funded by The Tubney Charitable Trust. The needs identified include; stronger cooperative working between the partner NGOs and delivery of long-term meaningful improvement in their ability to use socio-economic information.

This project aims to build capacity in social and economic knowledge, skills and systems across the marine NGO sector as a whole.


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